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Run The Centenary at Lattelecom Riga Maraton 2018!

Lattelecom Riga Marathon 2018 will be dedicated to Latvia’s Centenary, offering everyone the chance to celebrate the founding of Latvia in 1918 with a run through its capital Riga. Centenary and Song Festival themed stops will provide for a festive feeling, participants will receive special commemorative Milda medals, and the official adidas T-shirts will display original artwork by Gustavs Klucis. The participants will be able to enjoy novelties along the course – half-marathon and marathon runners will cross the Daugava river over three different bridges, the marathon will be streamed live across all countries of the European Union for the first time, and Rimi Kids’ Day 4.2 km Family Run will cross the Vanšu bridge.

The Centenary Marathon will be a serious bid for World Top 30 – International Association of Athletics’ Federation (IAAF) Gold Label, IAAF’s most prestigious award. The organizers are committed to fulfilling the necessary criteria on May 19-20 together with over 35 000 runners from 70 countries.


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Three bridges along the course of the half-marathon and the marathon

42KM.jpg21KM.jpgThe special novelty of the Centenary Marathon will be the crossing three bridges during the half-marathon and the marathon. For the first time, participants of the half-marathon and the marathon will cross the Daugava river over three bridges – first, the Vanšu bridge, followed by the Akmens and the Salu bridge. The route now also includes the AB Dam, providing for a great view of the Old Riga skyline. The route then continues along the river on Mūkusalas street, significantly shortening the Krasta iela stretch of the course.

The Marathon will be live-streamed in all EU countries

Marathon’s main partner Lattelecom this year will provide the opportunity to watch the marathon race on 360TV channel via Shortcut app not just in Latvia but in all countries of the European Union. For the second year already, there will be a live broadcast studio on 11. novembra embankment, broadcasting from the very heart of the event, giving anyone anywhere the chance to root for the runners’ success.

“Lattelecom Riga Marathon has become one of the most significant running events in Europe. Thanks to modern technologies, viewers outside Latvia will be able to feel like they’re part of the event. Meanwhile, participants of the run and their supporters can follow the run and the results on the official Lattelecom Riga Marathon app and online on www.uzmundrini.lv,” Lattelecom Board Chairman Juris Gulbis noted. 

New race course for the 4.2 km Rimi Kids’ Day Family Run

RBD_gimenu_skrejiens.jpgRimi Kids’ Day traditionally kicks off the Lattelecom Riga Marathon weekend. On May 19, the Family Run will wind along a new route, crossing the Vanšu bridge for the first time. The total length, 4.2 km, is exactly 10% of the marathon’s 42 195 m distance. On Saturday morning, Family Run participants will cross the Vanšu bridge there and back, continuing the run along the 11. novembra embankment, past the Freedom Monument and through Old Riga.

Three bridges and the new 4,2 km race course is just part of this year’s novelties. “We welcome everyone to celebrate the Centenary Run over three bridges by wearing the official T-shirt with Gustavs Klucis artwork, receiving a medal adorned by Milda, and enjoying special Centenary and Song Festival stops along the route. Rimi Kids’ Day will also provide a surprise dedicated to Latvia’s celebration, inviting kids to take part in Freedom Way – a short course that can be completed by answering or discovering answers to questions on Latvia’s independence,” said Aigars Nords, Race Director of Lattelecom Riga Marathon.

Milda medal to everyone crossing the Lattelecom Riga Marathon finish line

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Finishers of all Centenary Marathon races (from 42 km to Rimi Kids’ Day) will receive a special medal from the organizers whose design was inspired by the five lat coin minted in pre-WWII Latvia. The coin’s design is based on Milda, a young lady wearing folk costume with wreath on her head and stalks of grain (author of original artwork: Rihards Zariņš (1869-1939)). The new medal is the Marathon’s tribute to Latvia’s Centenary, and it will serve as a special reminder to all participants for conquering the centenary run.

Centenary Marathon’s T-shirt decorated with original piece by Gustavs Klucis

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Lattelecom Riga Marathon official T-shirt features drawing “The Guard of the Daugava” by Gustavs Klucis (1895-1939), Latvia’s most notable artist; the piece portrays Lāčplēsis, the mythical hero of Latvia’s national epic. As 2018 marathon and half-marathon courses will cross the three main bridges of Riga, Lāčplēsis drawn by Gustavs Klucis will once again be able to symbolically safeguard the Daugava river. The original Klucis artwork was acquired for the Centenary Marathon T-shirt in auction in Riga on November 18, 2017, the anniversary day of the Proclamation of Independence of Latvia.

As part of Latvia’s Centenary, Lattelecom headquarters on Dzirnavu street 105 on March 7-23 will display the original artworks of all the official marathon T-shirts from the earlier years. Previously, marathon T-shirts have been designed by such popular Latvian artists and painters as Ilmārs Blumbergs, Ieva Iltnere, Raimonds Staprāns, Ritums Ivanovs, Elita Patmalniece, Ella Krugļanska, Krišs Salmanis, and others.

On the road to IAAF Gold Label

The Centenary Marathon will be Lattelecom Riga Marathon’s bid for World Top 30 – International Association of Athletics’ Federation (IAAF) Gold Label, IAAF’s most prestigious award. The organizers are making serious efforts to make sure that the necessary criteria are fulfilled during the event.

On the road to a higher tier this year, Lattelecom Riga Marathon will host more and faster foreign and domestic long-distance runners, significantly increase its prize fund, exceeding 75 000 EUR for the first time, as well as provide international broadcast.

Acquiring IAAF Gold Label would strengthen Lattelecom Riga Marathon status regionally, draw more foreign marathon tourists to Riga, increase the marathon’s economic impact, and promote running as the most popular sports activity nationally. Lattelecom Riga Marathon is the only marathon in Northern Europe (Scandinavian and Baltic countries) with IAAF’s prestigious Bronze Label. For runners from Russia, Scandinavia and the Baltic states, Riga is the closest and most convenient destination for a race of such quality.

Economic impact in 2017 – 4.5 million EUR

As IAAF Bronze Label marathon, Lattelecom Riga Marathon brought 4 566 000 EUR to Latvian economy in 2017, providing for a significant boost. According to research, foreign marathon tourists traveling to Latvia, spent 2 545 000 EUR in the local economy. Latvia’s budget gained additional 390 000 EUR in VAT payments from foreign sources alone.

We estimate that the 2018 Lattelecom Riga Marathon on May 19-20 will attract a record number of foreign participants. According to research, Lattelecom Riga Marathon might boost Latvia’s economy in 2019-2021 by 7 545 000 EUR from visitors alone, generating 1 261 000 EUR tax incomes from foreign sources alone.

Record number of Rimi Kids’ Day participants – 12 000

Lattelecom Riga Marathon 2-day program will traditionally start with Rimi Kids’ Day that lets kids and their families indulge in running. Up to 12 000 young athletes will take part in the May 19 activities, picking a race that’s most suited to their abilities – Kiddies, 300 m, 600 m or the 4.2 km Family Run.

Participation in all Rimi Kids’ Day activities and runs, except the Family Run, is free. Participation fee for the Family run is 4-5 EUR per person, depending on the number of registered runners. Participants are kindly asked to apply as early as possible, as the total number of participants in activities on 11. novembra embankment cannot exceed 10 000 persons, and the Family Run will be limited to 5 000 persons.

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